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Calcium Silicate Board Equipment

Thermal Conductive Index: 0.24W/MK(JC/T54)
Water Absorption Rate:19%
Steam Construction: 2.0 ton/hour

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Calcium Silicate Board Equipment

7 years of calcium silicate board equipment technology and experience of the strong after-sales service team design, our production line automation degree high energy consumption low appearance magnificent technical superb one-stop service welcome cooperation.


Calcium Silicate Board Equipment


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The Parameters Of The Calcium Silicate Board Equipment


Main Features
1) Product is in accordance with national standard Reinforced Fiber Calcium Silicate Board JC/T564- 2000 of China Material cement, glass fiber, paper pulp, quartz sand,calcium oxide.
2) Density: ≤ 1.5g/cm2 without press > 1.5g/cm2 with press
3) Rupture Strength: 15-28 Mpa
4) Thickness: 2-30 mm
5) Panel Size: 1220*2440*T(2-30) mm
6) Thermal Conductive Index: 0.24W/MK(JC/T54)
7) Moisture Content: ≤ 10%
8)Water Absorption Rate:19%
9) Water Consumption: 450m3/day
10)Steam Construction: 2.0 ton/hour


Calcium Silicate Board Making Machine Chief Introduction And Usage:

This production line is used to making calcium silicate board continuously with


High technology and high automatic degree.

At present, no asbestos calcium silicate board (including temperature asbestos calcium silicate board) is still in production and sales of emerging exuberant sell well, not only in China, but also in abroad.

The basic reason is: this plank raw material origin is widespread, the price is low,advanced production technology, equipment availability is high, the product is very superior performance, especially energy saving, seismic, fire prevention, high strength, light, very suitable for various kinds of building the internal and external wall panels, sound insulation board, the ceiling and all kinds of adornment with board, and construction is convenient, and construction speed is quick, accord with national energy saving, environmental protection, economy applicable principle.

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