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Calcium Silicate Board Machinery

Density: ≤ 1.5g/cm2 without press > 1.5g/cm2 with press
Rupture Strength: 15-28 Mpa
Thickness: 2-30 mm

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calcium Silicate Board Machinery

Line produced Calcium silicate Board is composed of paper fiber, siliceous lime, slacked lime, quartz powder and adding appropriate reinforced material,processed by pulping,molding,autoclaved curing and drying,sanding etcs procedure to be one kind of new mtaerials with features of light weight,high strength,excellent refractory and heat insulation performances.

Product Application
Fiber Reinforced Calcium Silicate Board is also named Calcium Silicate Board, which is made from Silicon materials, Calcium materials and certain amount of fiber. It is produced after several procedures such as slurry preparation, forming, autoclaving, drying, polishing and after-processing. It has advantages such as light in weight, high in strength, good in processing and easy in decorating, and it can also has performances of heat insulation and fire fighting. So it can be widely used in inner wall and suspended ceiling of buildings, sound panel and partition board partition board of gymnasium, theater and council chamber. It can also be used for special facilities in various industries, such as sound proof wall and apron plate of highway, permanent moulding board of constructional engineering, bay plate of train and ship, movable board for house and outer board of large-scale clad plate factory. Calcium Silicate Board is new environment-protection product with favorable market prospect and economic benefit.

Main Features
1) Product is in accordance with national standard Reinforced Fiber Calcium Silicate Board JC/T564- 2000 of China Material cement, glass fiber, paper pulp, quartz sand,calcium oxide.
2) Density: ≤ 1.5g/cm2 without press > 1.5g/cm2 with press
3) Rupture Strength: 15-28 Mpa
4) Thickness: 2-30 mm
5) Panel Size: 1220*2440*T(2-30) mm
6) Thermal Conductive index: 0.24W/MK(JC/T54)
7) Moisture Content: ≤ 10%
8)Water Absorption rate:19%
9) Water Consumption: 450m3/day
10)Steam Construction: 2.0 ton/hour

Machine List

1.Sand mortar preparation section

2.Pulp preparation section

3.Blending & slurry preparation

4.Sheet forming, stacking section

5.Pressing section

6.Pre-curing & template restaking section

7.Autoclaving & curing section

8.Board pile split section

9.Drying section

10.Sanding, edging & tapping section

11.Air compressor house


13.Heating Equipment

14.Boiler room

15.Water supply & drainage equipment

16.Electric automatization

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