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Fiber Calcium Silicate Board Production Line

Raw Materials:Cellulose Fiber,Quartz Sand,Portland Cement etc
Standard Size:1220X2440MM/1200X2400MM
Maxium Width:1220MM

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Fiber Calcium Silicate Board Production Line

Our factory has advanced calcium silicate board manufacturing technology and many overseas successful experience, including Southeast Asia, Middle East, Russia, etc., which have been well received by customers. We stand out in the same industry and have rich experience in complete machine production. We will continue to research and develop in the professional field and welcome cooperation.


Calcium silicate board equipment is a product that we have continuously improved in recent years. Among them, the fully automatic CNC has made greater progress. Continuous improvement of this product enables customers to better use:

1. The high-quality board is naturally flat and accurate in size.

2. The high-quality colored layer is composed of high-strength cement and inorganic pigments, emulsions, resins and silica aggregates, with a thickness of about 0.5mm, strong adhesion, calcium silicate board processing equipment, and the color is consistent, without any flow marks And color difference.

3. In high-quality production, high-density tile blanks are formed in the rolling warehouse just like steel rolling. Because of the small internal voids, water is not easy to penetrate. Other small factories use iron sheet molds, which cannot withstand high pressure. Calcium silicate board processing equipment has large and many internal voids, so the impermeability is very poor. It can be seen that high-quality calcium silicate board equipment has strict requirements, and we must carefully consider when choosing machinery.

The Parameters Of The Fiber Calcium Silicate Board Production Line

The development of Fiber calcium silicate board production line technology mainly embodied in the following aspects:

1. The fiber species diversity, without asbestos has become a development direction;
2. High strength, high performance, high durability and economy more reasonable;
3. Energy saving, water saving, material saving, consumption reduction, beautiful decoration,
4. Use a variety of industrial waste, more environmentally friendly;
5. Based on the different characteristics of various materials, products tend to be diversified;
6. All kinds of organic and inorganic fiber in accordance with application to be more perfect;

Floor slab press fiber cement production equipment
Cement pressure plate, also known as fiber cement pressure plate or cement fiber board, is a natural fiber and cement as raw material, after pulping, forming, cutting, pressure, curing and become a new type of material. Belongs to a new generation of "green building materials", on the basis of good moistureproof, fire prevention performance with environmental protection function. It is siliceous and calcareous materials as the main base material, with cellulose fiber reinforced material, the additive other auxiliary material, by copying molding, high pressure curing generated a new type of building materials. With a lightweight, waterproof, anticorrosion, fire prevention, wide, good processability, improve the efficiency of construction, etc. Widely used in civil and industrial buildings. Can be used in the construction of floor, wall, cladding, ceiling board, curtain wall plate, composite wall panels, insulation materials, roof laying etc.

Calcium Silicate Board Making Machine Parameter

Raw Materials

Cellulose Fiber,Quartz Sand,Portland Cement etc

Standard Size


Maxium Width


Maximum Length







5 million

Main Characteristic

Environmental friendly materials


Excellent Strength and toughness

Waterproofing and fireproofing
Antisepsis and moth-proofing
Good acoustic insulation and weather resistance
Good thermal and heat insulation
Durability and long lifetime
Exterior decoration panel
Intergrative facade panel for exterior wall thermal insulation
Interior wall decoration panel
Flooring for loft interlayer,container house,light steel villa
For subway,tunnel,baseboard,outdoor furniture
Roofing sheet
Thinner lining board for stone

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1. Responsible for organizing, coordinating and implementing after-sales service for users who order our products.

2. Organize relevant departments of the company to collect customer feedback, formulate implementation plans in time, and solve actual customer problems.

3. According to customer needs, the company sends engineering and technical personnel to the user site to plan the site and design the plan.

4. Free training of technical personnel for customers and provide customers with technology.

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