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Gypsum Plasterboard Production Line

Fully automatic control.
Accurate measuring in temperature, volume, pressure and weight.
Can make customized board for customers.

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Factory Supply Gypsum Plasterboard Production Line

Plasterboard production line is used for gypsum board production ,our factory production of the whole set of gypsum board production line equipment to provide full technical guidance design and service with a professional technical team one-stop service so that customers have no worries at the same time every year according to the upgrade of equipment to maintain the most advanced technology


Main Features

1) Fully automatic control.

2) Accurate measuring in temperature, volume, pressure and weight .

3) Can make customized board for customers.

4) Running in a high automatization and intellectualization, no pollution

5) High quality board yield .

The Parameters Of The Gypsum Plasterboard Production Line Are AsFollows:

1) The parameters of the gypsum board production line are as follows:


Raw Material

gypsum stucco

100 mesh

paper170gsm and 180gsm for gray paper and ivory paper

modified starch

water reducer, white latex, etc.


PVA emulsion

Gypsum Board Spec.




1800 to 4000mm1200mm, 1220mm,7mm to 15mm

Certification :


The Production Line Configuration Instructions:

1, Electric control for electronic automatic control, according to the condition of on-site installation frequency conversion speed regulating motor or electromagnetic coupling.

2, Mixer, plate forming adopt wear-resisting stainless steel material, and blender bar welding alloy, our company manufacture blender 1 devices can be out of the two kinds of pulp, namely hard edges and intermediate honeycomb material.

3, Solidification belt width 1350 mm x 12 mm thick

4, Machine electronic automatic control, in order to ensure the protective paper not running deviation, indentation machine according to the product

Nick required thickness.

5, Forming conveyor roller manufactured carbon steel 75 x 2.5 Ф tube, bearing adopts UCP205.

6,Transit, light roller conveyor are made of carbon steel 75 x 2.5 Ф tube UCP contains bearings.

7, Drying room manufactured carbon steel roller Ф 60 x 2.5.

8, Belong to a board and scale carbon steel roller conveyor roller.

9, Drying room a side fixed insulation board, insulation door on one side of the activity, the chain in drying outdoors, so light transmission, chain, sprocket, long life, and compressed the dry indoor width, layer of 200 mm, maximum limit reduces the space, make full use of heat energy.


We Are Offering All Services Such As :


2.Engineering design

3.Manufacturing equipment

4.Supervising installation commissioning

5.Technology training

Our Advantage

With 10 years of experience we are professional factory for gypsum board line .

Adopt Germany technical .and professional team of producing , research, and after sale service.

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