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Gypsum Powder Line Roytary Type Introduce

- Aug 23, 2021-

A brief introduction to the gypsum powder production line  process

1. The crusher will break the large size gypsum ore into small particles less than 25mm, which will be stored and transported into the mill for grinding. After grinding, the gypsum flour with the required fineness of the product will be sent to the rotary kiln for calcination by the concentrator, and the rest will be returned to the mill for grinding again until qualified. After calcination, qualified gypsum powder shall be sent to clinker storage or product workshop for use.

Two, rotary kiln process introduction of gypsum powder production line

With the development and progress of the gypsum industry, the demand for gypsum powder from all walks of life is getting bigger and bigger, and the quality requirements of gypsum powder are also getting higher and higher. The production and manufacturing process of gypsum powder is also making continuous progress. Drying and dehydration is the key link in the production and processing of gypsum powder, which is also the most difficult part to master. According to this situation, we have developed a new generation of dehydration equipment suitable for all kinds of gypsum powder production requirements -- gypsum special rotary kiln calcination equipment according to the continuous exploration and research of gypsum powder production and deep processing industry for many years.

1. Working principle

The main working principle of rotary kiln drying system: the main body of rotary kiln is mainly composed of cylinder and transmission parts. Hot air passes through the cylinder body to carry out heat exchange with the material and release the heat to the gypsum material. The transmission device is installed on the side of the rotary kiln, and the gear rotates the cylinder to make the material fully contact with the hot air. At a certain temperature, the powder which is stripped of the crystalline water after drying becomes lighter and flows automatically to the discharge port, so that the quality of the produced gypsum powder is stable, the content of crystalline water and the initial and final setting time are easier to control.

2. Simple structure, not easy to damage of gypsum powder production line

Because the rotary kiln structure is simple. It is not only easy to manufacture, but also requires little maintenance after production. Because of the use of a low temperature heat source, the furnace is in no danger of being burned out under any circumstances, and the service life of the equipment is particularly long.

3. Compact equipment, small footprint, environmental protection standards

Rotary kiln is a relatively mature heat exchange equipment, small volume can provide a large heat exchange area, equipment is very compact, high thermal efficiency. In particular, the newly-developed special rotary kiln calcination system of gypsum powder, with pulse bag filter, is more energy saving and environmental protection, with the emission not higher than 30mg per cubic meter, fully in line with the national emission standard.

4. Low energy consumption

The heat and electricity consumption of rotary kiln is low. Thermal energy: due to hot air directly blown into the kiln, it is almost effectively used for dehydration and decomposition of materials. Combined with the characteristics of rotary kiln, our company currently uses the most stable coal burning chain process as the heat source, the burning-out rate is higher than the gas generator 10%, thus greatly reducing the consumption of coal. Because the equipment produces more, it also consumes less electricity. So the overall installation and operation costs are lower than other processes in the industry.

5. The product quality is good, the gypsum phase composition is ideal, and the physical properties are stable

Due to the use of low temperature and slow burning calcination process, gypsum is not easy to overburn, so as long as the discharge temperature is controlled properly, the production of building gypsum is very ideal, generally anhydrous gypsum is only within 5%, the rest are half water gypsum. The composition is ideal and the physical properties are stable.

6. Good dust removal effect og gypsum powder production line

Using pulse bag filter, dust removal effect is very good, is the national order to advocate the dust removal method, after several years of equipment operation practice, according to the physical characteristics of gypsum powder, we have also made a lot of improvements to the bag filter, now the technology is more economic and practical.

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