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Paper Pulp Egg Tray Machine

Paper Pulp Egg Tray Machine

Pulp Moulding Line processing makes use of recycled water and does not lead to water or air pollution.
Finished packaging products can be recycled after being used in storage, transport, and sales.

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Paper Pulp Egg Tray Machine

Pulp molded product is a three-dimensional paper-based product that uses recycled pulp such as waste paper as the main raw material, and uses a unique process and related additives in the paper industry to press on a special mesh mold. Pulp molded products are also called paper molds or paper trays. Pulp molded products are mainly used in the transport buffer protection of poultry eggs and small electronics, and can also be made into beverage cup holders, medical utensils, disposable flower pots, etc. In the entire production process of pulp molded products, an indispensable tool is a mold, and the molds used in different processes for paper molds are also different. The following three sets of molds may be used: slurry suction molding mold, thermal Pressing mold, trimming knife mold. The latter two molds depend on the requirements of the product, but the slurry suction molding mold is an indispensable mold in the production process. Generally, the following three kinds of molds may be used to make industrial paper molds: slurry suction forming mold, hot press shaping mold, and trimming mold. The use of these three molds depends on the production process. The latter two molds are only needed when shaping and trimming are needed; but the slurry forming mold is an indispensable one in the paper mold production process .

1. The suction forming mold is mainly used to form pulp into a wet paper mold. It is generally divided into two parts: an upper mold and a lower mold. The function of the suction forming is completed by the work of the forming machine equipped with the upper and lower molds. 2 .Hot press shaping die The hot pressing shaping die includes two parts: a hot pressing shaping upper mold and a hot pressing shaping lower mold. The most commonly used cast aluminum material is the material of the hot pressing mold. Cast aluminum has excellent casting properties, easy processing and good thermal conductivity, making it a better material for hot-pressing molds.

3. Trimming die The trimming die is mainly used to make the four sides of the paper mold even and regular, and it is used when the paper mold needs to be trimmed. The paper die trimming die can be installed on hydraulic presses, crank presses and pneumatic presses.


Paper Pulp Egg Tray Machine

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Production Introduction

Pulp Moulding Machine is known as egg tray line for using massively in produce egg tray.

Pulp Moulding Machine, which uses waste paper, cardboard, leftover material of paper mill, by hydraulic pulper, mix making a certain dense pulp, and pulp is absorbed by vacuum of special metal moulding to become wet products, through drying , and shaping to become finished products.

Pulp Moulding Line processing makes use of recycled water and does not lead to water or air pollution. Finished packaging products can be recycled after being used in storage, transport, and sales. After shredding, they are easy to be decomposed as paper, even if discarded into the natural environment.

Automatic pulp molding production lines can be mass production of various food container, egg tray, lunch boxes and so on.

The major equipment of the machine are three parts include: Pulp Making System, Molding System, Drying system and packing system.


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